Angela Rebello weaves magic yet again on the red carpet of the 66th Filmfare Awards

Ever thought how an event or show would be without any emcee or a host? Well, one cannot imagine it. For any biggest and grandest events, it is the emcees who weave their magic with their impeccable communication skills. One of the most celebrated events is Filmfare Awards, and for the last three years, Angela Rebello has been associated with the awards show. This year as well, the gorgeous emcee hosted the red carpet event of the 66th Filmfare Awards that was attended by who’s who of the tinsel town. 

Held in Mumbai, the celebrity host got to interview prominent B-Town personalities like Ayushmann Khurrana, Taapsee Pannu, Sunny Leone, Sara Ali Khan, Norah Fatehi. Anurag Basu, Anubhav Sinha among other celebrities. The glamorous event hosted by Angela was premiered on Colors channel, where a majority part of her interviews with celebrities was viewed by the audience.

Well, the gala event was one star-studded affair, and like always the emcee wooed the stars. Moreover, her interview with Taapsee Pannu was viewed on Facebook Watch Party and Angela was one among the other emcees who represented Facebook and had her videos premiered across TV channels as well as social media platforms. 

In an exclusive conversation, the reputed anchor candidly spoke about her association with Filmfare Awards, her best moments from the red carpet event, and much more. 

Q: Filmfare has been home for you. How does it feel to host the red carpet once again for the awards event?

Filmfare is home now absolutely, and it\’s been a 5-year association already. It\’s always a pleasure hosting for them.

Q: How was this year’s red carpet event different from the earlier events?

For one to begin with we all were carrying or wearing a mask, which we never did  before, and Being negative is a good thing (pun intended). 

Well, this year was great, though because of the current Covid situation, not many could attend it and it was also divided into 3 batches. But there was a celebration cheer within everyone. Most of them felt so good to be on the red carpet after a year. Taapsee almost made a joke on it, she said she was on the red carpet a year back, and it almost took her a year to get ready for the Filmfare red carpet.

Q: Tell us about your best Filmfare moment from this year’s red carpet event?

It\’s hard to pick from so many beautiful moments on the red carpet. I had a great time chatting up with everyone. I and Ayushmann hit it off well though, got him to do a Lil jiggy with me you know one of those romantic slomo twirls, (ps this did go a Lil viral on my insta ) and he also sang a lovely song. Oh, it was fun. I have always adored him.

Q: In terms of the fashion game, which stars impressed you with their red carpet look this year?

I loved what Sara Ali Khan and Nora wore. So gorgeous and Vibrant.

Q: You have interviewed many celebrities at the event. Which celebrity interview was your favourite?

Haha again? 

There are so many, in fact, this time we had it all, some fun moments with Sunny Leone, an emotional moment with Sanjana (Dil Bechara) where we both got teary-eyed about Sushant Singh Rajput. Then reliving the past carrier journeys with Jaideep Ahlawat and Prateek Gandhi. Ayushmann shared his special Filmfare moment of winning 2 awards for the very first time being nominated as singer and actor. I also  enjoyed speaking with Anurag Basu as he shared his journey in the industry and the genres of movies he hasn\’t tried yet (murder mystery) to the very first movie he had watched in a movie theatre (Tehzaab movie)

Q: If you get a chance to host an event with any B-Town celebrity, who would it be and why?

Honestly bring it all.  Love chatting with our celebs, especially when they get emotional or happy or intense.

I would love to host with chat show and bring alive some moments never seen before as we did on the carpet this time. And my first guest I would invite would be Taapsee Pannu, she\’s such a natural, and her vibe is too cool. I remember being in splits talking to her even this time. So I am thinking my future fantasy show would have an excellent start with Taapsee. She also part-time hired me to be her PR for her Standup comedy show, haha look we are already cracking deals.